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LSP Products Group
3689 Arrowhead Dr., Carson City, NV, UNITED STATES 
M&G DuraVent
877 Cotting Ct., Vacaville, CA, UNITED STATES 
M. K. Morse Co.
P.O. Box 8677, 1101 Eleventh St. S.E., Canton, OH, UNITED STATES 
160, St-Joseph Blvd., Lachine, QC, CANADA 
Malco Products
14080 State Hwy. 55 N.W., Annandale, MN, UNITED STATES 
Mansfield Plumbing Products
150 East First St., Perrysville, OH, UNITED STATES 
Marathon International
1815 Sismet Rd., Mississauga, ON, CANADA 
Marlo Inc.
2227 South St., P.O. Box 044170, Racine, WI, UNITED STATES 
Masco Corp.
21001 Van Born Rd., Taylor, MI, UNITED STATES 
P.O. Box 27, Rte. 22, Brewster, NY, UNITED STATES 
Maxwell Systems
1000 First Ave., Ste. 200, King of Prussia, PA, UNITED STATES 
Maxxon Corp.
920 Hamel Rd., P.O. Box 253, Hamel, MN, UNITED STATES 
McCormick Systems
149 W. Boston St., Chandler, AZ, UNITED STATES 
McDonnell & Miller
8200 N. Austin, Morton Grove, IL, UNITED STATES 
McGuire Mfg. Co.
60 Grandview Ct., P.O. Box 746, Cheshire, CT, UNITED STATES 
Merit Brass Co.
One Merit Dr., P.O. Box 43127, Cleveland, OH, UNITED STATES 
260 N. Elm St., Westfield, MA, UNITED STATES 
2323 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES 
Metropolitan Industries
37 Forestwood Dr., Romeoville, IL, UNITED STATES 
Midco International
4140 W. Victoria St., Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES 
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